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Do you want to lose weight, get fit and/or build muscle. There is no better way than incorporating fitness with basic exercises that can easily be done at home. Wouldn't it be great if you never had to wait in another line at the gym just to get on the fitness equipment? - With home fitness you won't ever have to wait again.

Home Fitness means working out in the comfort of your own home - anytime you'd like, and saving hundreds per year on an expensive fitness club membership. One you really don't use much. The goal of Home Fitness 101 is to help you get fit, stay fit, and save money. It's that simple. The free forum is full of helpful people advice and fitness 'tid-bits'. With Home Fitness 101 by your side, you'll be armed and ready to start, or continue, on that wonderful journey to better fitness and health.

Did you know...

That when it's convenient you'll exercise more often. A line in one of my favorite movies (The Wizard of Oz) is - "there's no place like home" - and that is so true when it comes to exercising. 

What's the value of your time?

Working out at a club may waste more time than you can afford. Why workout at a club when you can save time and money working out in the comfort of your own home! See our chart which shows a typical 60 minute workout along with the wasted time associated with using an exercise club.

Time Wasted at a Health Club

Besides saving time working out in your own home, you have other advantages with home fitness:

  • No more dealing with "OPS" (other people's sweat).
  • Purchase and workout on the equipment YOU prefer!
  • Over time you will save money with your own gym compared to monthly fees associated with a club.
  • You can choose your own entertainment preferences such as music or TV shows.

So if exercising at home appeals to you, I invite you to explore Home Fitness 101, especially the forum, for great people, tips, articles, equipment, supplements and more. 

Wishing you health Smiley Face

Scott Wilson

(a.k.a. Keywil on my forum)


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